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The Historic 1988 A.D. Meeting with The Hostage Pope, Gregory XVII

(The Principal Circumstances of this History)

Cardinale Siri -Genova Italia Cardinal Siri was Elected
"A pope is elected!" (Vatican Radio - Oct. 26, 1958 A.D.)
(L/R) His Excellency, Cardinal Siri of Genoa, Italy prior to the 1958 Conclave; Unmistakable white smoke seen billowing forth from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel on October 26, 1958 for a full five minutes (which was witnessed by more than 200,000 joyous Catholic Faithful in St. Peter's Square) indicating that a Pope had been elected from within the conclave. Millions of others listening via radio throughout Italy and Europe heard the Official Vatican Radio broadcaster shout exultantly: "A pope is elected!"

"Hail Gregory XVII, Most Holy Father, Necessary Pastor." -Monk of Padua, 18th Century: noted for his prophesies of the last 20 popes in time

"He, Pope Gregory XVII, admitted in front of me that 'He was Pope Gregory XVII'. His (this) confirmation took place in Rome on June 14, 1988.

In the Passion of Christ nobody stand up to say one word to protect Our Lord Jesus Christ. In the Passion of the Church, who stand up to protect
the true pope Gregory XVII in Exile? Nobody."
(Written statement of Fr. Khoat, who met with the Hostage Pope, His Holiness, Gregory XVII)

In Today's Catholic World (TCW)
June 13, 2007 A.D.

"...he [Satan] will drive out the Vicar of Jesus Christ..."

Our Lord came to the world to re-establish the kingdom of His Father and to destroy the kingdom of the prince of darkness. But….

"After the teachings of the apostles, says the voice of the ages, a day will come where Satan, full of rage against Jesus Christ and the Christians will regain the ground he has lost, reinforce his reign and will extend it in the distance. Then he will thrust himself on Rome, because she and the residence of the Pontiffs is his rival. He will render himself master, he will drive out the Vicar of Jesus Christ, he will persecute the true faithful and will cut the throats of the religious and the priests."
(Cornelius to Lapide, Suarez, St. Robert Bellarmine quoted by Msgr. [Abbé] Gaume Protonotaire Apostolique, La Situation, p. 28, 1860.)


The Siri Family - Genoa St. Malachy Pius XII and His Future Successor
(L/R) Giuseppi Siri as a boy with his family; St. Malachy; An ailing Pius XII (in 1958) shown with his hand-picked successor Cardinal Siri
Giuseppi Siri was born 400 years to the date after Christopher Columbus died (May 20, 1506) on May 20, 1906. As a boy he felt irresistibly drawn to the priesthood and entered into the seminary at 12 years of age. Pius XII named him Archbishop of Genoa at age 40, and made him his youngest Cardinal at only age 53. In Italy, so strongly felt was the inevitability of Cardinal Siri's election in 1958 that the prophecy of Saint Malachy, describing Pius XII's successor as "Shepherd and Sailor" (Pastor et Nauta), was commonly attributed to the illustrious Archbishop of Genoa. The maritime city had been his life- long home, where he was born the son of a dockworker. It was the most important seaport in the country, and birthplace of Christopher Columbus.

Pacelli and Siri
From the Italian TEMPO Magazine May 12, 1955: pictures of Euginio Pacelli, (Pope Pius XII) and Giuseppi Siri (Cardinal) as children
The story's (translated) title, "These Children are Celebrities": talks about very well-know Italian personalities (in the mid 1950s) and provides a picture and bio about their childhood and current achievements. Among other things, TEMPO notes Giuseppi Siri was named the Archbishop of Genoa at just 40 years of age and states: "Cardinal Siri is today considered one of the 'papabiles'." (i.e. one who is likely to be the next Pope)

Pope Pius XII dies October 9th, 1958
Pius XII Dies Oct 9th, 1958

Throughout Rome was heard: Pius' close friend (Siri) would be the next Pope

Death of Papa Pio XII 1958 Cardinale Giuseppe Siri - Genova, Italia papabile-cardinal
"CHI SARA IL SUCCESSORE DI PIO XII?" (Who will be the Successor of Pius XII?)
Front cover of Italian OGGI magazine October 16, 1958 with story on death of Pope Pius XII and feature on papabiles- as Cardinal Siri of Genoa.
[One week before the Conclave] A special edition of EPOCA October 19, 1958, dedicated to Pius XII, with Cardinal Siri as a papabile on front cover.

josé sebastian laboa
“After the death of Pius XII cardinal Cicognani, who was secretary, sent me to Siri to offer him the candidacy. Cicognani thought that Siri was the only one who was able to continue Pacelli’s [Pius XII's] magisterium. ...” -Fr. José Sebastian Laboa (Interview 10/10/1989)

"...many powerful ...persons in Europe...are determined to use all their efforts to elect an anti-pope."

"According to St. Malachy, then, only ten, or at most eleven, popes remain to be in future more or less legitimately elected. We say more or less legitimately elected, because out of those future popes it is to be feared that one or two will be unlawfully elected as anti-popes. ... Besides some predictions announcing this deplorable event, many powerful and influential persons in Europe are at present agreed and determined to use all their efforts to elect an anti-pope, in order to produce a schism in the Church, and to have a man who will favor their impious designs against the Catholic religion ... it has been asserted that the government of Berlin, under the arch-schemer Bismarck, has made overtures on this subject to some European governments, and especially to that of Victor Emmanuel in Italy. It is known that the old apostate Döllinger, with his associates in Germany, and the apostate ex-Friar Hyacinthe Loyson, and a few others in France, with Gavazzi and others in Italy, are engaged in preparing the way to the approaching advent of an anti-pope."
(Sourcfe: "The Christian Trumpet", By Fr. Gaudentius Rossi, 1878 A.D.)

"It is not the tiara you are giving me, but death." said Leo XIII. to the Cardinals who elected him.

His Holiness Pope Leo XIII

"The enmity of the sectarians against the Apostolic See of the Roman Pontiff has increased its intensity . . . until now the evil doers have reached the aim which had, for a long time that of their evil designs, namely, their proclamation that the moment has come to suppress the Roman Pontiff's sacred power and to completely destroy this Papacy which was divinely instituted." -Pope Leo XIII

"It must be war to the knife."

From the book: The Life of Pius X, by F. A. Forbes, pp. 45-46, Imprimatur 1918 A.D:

"Semmi ...a freemason and Grand Master of the Italian lodges, had spoken strongly on the necessity of destroying the Great Enemy
(The Catholic Church). 'We have applied the knife to the centre of superstition, ...Let us work with all our strength to scatter its stones, that we may build with them a temple to an emancipated nation. The enemy is the Pope; we must wage a relentless war against him. The Papacy, although but a phantom presiding over ruins, yet reflects a certain glory, waving as it does in face of, and in defiance of
the world, the Cross and the Summa Theologica. A miserable crowd still prostrates itself to adore. It must be war to the knife.'

It has been reported that Cardinal Siri prior to the 1958 Conclave had had the name
of "Gregory" ready in honor of St. Gregory VII... Ironically a Pope who died in exile too. -ED

September 1958 A.D. -The Occult Plot is Finalized

(Excerpt from L’Eglise Eclipsé par Les Amis du Christ Roi de France 1997)

“Certainly,” he said. “The Church is in our hands.”

In 1977, Franco Bellegrandi, ex-Chamberlain of the Cape and the Sword of His Holiness and contributor to L’Osservatore Romano, wrote a book titled, NikitaRoncalli, which was published in 1994, accompanied by quite a commotion in the national press at its release because, among the persons present was Cardinal Silvio Oddi.

Cadinal Siri in 1958
Cardinal Siri in 1958 before the Conclave:
He was Pius XII's hand-picked successor

In this book, he told what he had seen and heard at the Vatican. It was in September 1958, just before the Conclave, the author was privy to some confidential information:

"I was in a car with a person whom I knew to be a highly placed Mason who was in contact with the Vatican. He said to me: The next Pope will not be Siri, as the gossip has it in certain Roman circles, because he is too authoritarian a cardinal. A conciliating Pope will be elected. He has ALREADY been chosen, and is the Patriarch of Venice, Roncalli,” To this I replied: “Are there Masons in the Conclave?” Certainly,” he said. The Church is in our hands.” After a brief silence, my interlocutor said, “No one can say where the leader can be found. The leader is hidden.”

The following day, Count Stella (of a well known Italian family---ED) wrote in an official document, which today is in a notary’s safety deposit box, the first and last name of this person as well as his stupefying declaration, complete with the month, year, day, and time of day.” (Nichitaroncalli [NikitaRoncalli], Ediziones Eiles, Rome, p. 62)

"Pray! Pray that this regretful situation for the Church will soon end..." -Pius XII to those at his death bed, the day he died (Oct 9, 1958)

"...and the chastisement of heaven will come..."

Our Lady of Fatima
Our Lady of Fatima
"Father, the Blessed Virgin is very sad because no one heeds her message; neither the good nor the bad. The good continue on with their life of virtue and apostolate, but they do not unite their lives to the message of Fatima. Sinners keep following the road of evil because they do not see the terrible chastisement about to befall them. Believe me, Father, God is going to punish the world and very soon. The chastisement of heaven is imminent.
In less than two years, 1960 will be here and the chastisement of heaven will come and it will be very great.
Tell souls to fear not only the material punishment that will befall us if we do not pray and do penance but most of all the souls who will go to hell."
-Exact words of Sister Lucy (visionary at Fatima) in an interview with the Rev. Fr. Augustin Fuentes on December 26th, 1957 giving clear forewarning that the imminent chastisement of heaven for man's sins would unmistakably occur before 1960 A.D., (which it precisely did 10 months later, on October 26th, 1958 with the usurpation of the Papal Chair from Christ's True Vicar, Pope Gregory XVII)

Official Vatican Radio (October 26, 1958)

"A pope is elected!"

Pope Gregory XVII Elected at the 1958 Conclave
Pope Gregory XVII is Elected the 261st Successor of St. Peter

Monsignor Carlo Taramasso (who mysteriously died on March 16th, 1989), who met with Pope Gregory XVII in secret - in June of 1988, related that His Holiness told him that he was elected on the fourth ballot of the first day of the conclave (on October 26th, 1958) and that he accepted the office (as Pope) and announced he would take the name Gregory XVII. Note: these facts were corroborated by recently released (declassified) FBI Documents from the U.S. Department of State: which state that at the October 26, 1958 conclave- Siri, [according to FBI sources], obtained the necessary votes and was elected Pope Gregory XVII.

"...he who is elected is Pope other act is required to give him further authority... [a coronation] ceremony is by no means essential..."

"When all that we have thus far described has been done [the precise laws of a conclave have been followed], he who is elected is Pope, in all right and justice, and no man can in any way call his election in question or endeavor to invalidate it. He governs the Church from that moment, and no other act is required to give him further authority. Some, it is true, assert that the coronation is in some way necessary to the perfection of the election. However, this ceremony is by no means essential, for we find that Clement V. threatens with excommunication those who assert that bulls issued before the coronation are not binding." (From: The Life and Acts of Pope Leo XIII: Preceded by a Sketch of the Last Days of Pius IX and the Origin and Laws of the Conclave, edited by Fr. Joseph Edward Keller, pg. 201, Imprimatur 1879)

Then the (Fifth Column) Enemies Struck from within the Conclave Itself

Church Law Was Violated

Nuclear Terrorism
Judeo-Masonry's evil agenda was to force Pope Gregory XVII, by
any and all means possible, to relinquish the public exercise of His Office.

"...creating unprecedented confusion."

Traditional Smoke Signals System At Vatican Fouled
(Humboldt Standard Newspaper)
Monday, Oct. 27, 1958, Page 12

"The tradition-honored system of using smoke signals to inform the world that a pope
has been elected collapsed completely Sunday, creating unprecedented confusion."

(Note: View this original (archived) newspaper story (which includes a UPI photo) by clicking here. This is just one of the multitude of national and international news media reports at the time: detailing the unmistakable official white smoke seen billowing forth from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel on October 26, 1958 A.D. -ED)

Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824 A.D.) Augustinian Nun, Stigmatist "...I saw that the Church of Peter was undermined by a plan evolved by the secret sect,
while storms were damaging it."
(Prophetic Vision of Anne Catherine Emmerich)

" was willed and planned for by forces alien to the Holy Spirit."

Agent of Antichrist
"Cardinal" Eugene Tisserant (d. 1972)

(More from: L’Eglise Eclipsé par Les Amis du Christ Roi de France 1997)

This plan was also revealed in a letter by Cardinal Tisserant, March 12, 1970, in which he made a pointed allusion to the “planned” election of John XXIII:

The election of the current Sovereign Pontiff was done quickly. It is the election of Jean XXIII, that was discussed at numerous *meetings. I do not know of any information on the process was able to be given by anyone after the conclave. Secrecy was imposed even more strictly than ever. It is completely ridiculous to say that any cardinal would have been elected. You understand that I can say no more. My best regards….(Photocopy of the letter published Franco Bellegrandi’s book, op. cit. p. 30)

In another letter, Cardinal Tisserant told a priest teaching canon law that the election of John XXIII was illegitimate because it was willed and planned for by forces alien to the Holy Spirit. (“Vita” 18 September, 1977, p.4: “Le profezie sui papi nell’elenco di San Malachia”)-[“Prophecies on the popes by Saint Malachy”] These letters confirm that the election of John XXIII really was “programmed.”

domus mariae hotel
The Domus Mariae Hotel
Angelo Roncalli "lodged" at this hotel (located less than two miles from the Sistine Chapel) before the opening of the 1958 Conclave. It was from the Domus that he and other Freemasons plotted the final details of the successful usurpation of the Papal Throne:
which cataclysmic event (History will for all-time record) commenced the Great Apostasy

*TCW has learned [May 2007] - (through sources in Italy) that these numerous top-secret meetings (mentioned by Tisserant) were held by certain Cardinals (most certainly all Masons) immediately after the death of Pope Pius XII, to "prepare" for the upcoming [1958] Conclave. Cardinal Siri reportedly upon learning of these secretive meetings, was outraged! ... of course he did not attend. From the vantage point today: it is clear that these dark gatherings are where the 5th column (ipso facto) mutineers formulated/rehearsed the final details of their satanic coup d'état.

"...the designated, that is, cardinal Roncalli..."

Gregory XVII alludes to the (well) planned Judeo-Masonic coup and their designated agent Roncalli

Although under constant surveillance, "Cardinal Siri", in an interview subtly confirmed the illegal (pre-designated) coup by Roncalli (A.K.A. Antipope John XXIII) and his fellow mutineers at the 1958 Conclave when he said: “There was a meeting at the Domus Mariae at which monsignor Tardini and the designated, that is, cardinal Roncalli, took part. What they have said, what they have done I do not precisely know because I did not go there, I was not invited. I believe that in that [meeting] of which there is talk, (I believe, because it did not interest me to know, nor did I investigate), of how much was said to me, it had been decided to promote the election of Roncalli to the pontificate and of Tardini to Secretary of State. But I do not know how much credibility certain Roman voices had; I believe that it is true and enough”.
(Extracted from: Il prefetto del Sant’Offizio, by E. Caveterra, Mursia, Milan 1990, p. 5.)

"I thus knew that Roncalli was sure of being elected by the Conclave.” -P2 Freemason Giulio Andreotti

High-Ranking Italian Freemason Giulio Andreotti pictured with the French Revolution slogan of "LIBERTAS" hanging above him.
Andreotti was given the detail of the planned coup d'état of the 1958 Conclave (which was finalized in the
occult meetings [led by Roncalli] at the Domus Mariae) prior [on Oct 24th] to its occurrence, by Roncalli himself

(From: L’Eglise Eclipsé 1997): "On Friday, October 24, on the eve of the closing of the Conclave, he [Roncalli] *summoned none other than Giulio Andreotti, the Italian politico [politician] who was identified by the widow Calvi as the true head of P2 Lodge, to tell him in diplomatic language, of his forthcoming election. (Ibid, p.395) (Professor Carlo Alberto Agnoli, op. cit.)

*Andreotti confirmed in the Italian 30 Days Magazine that he was received by Roncalli at the Domus Mariae hotel the morning of the opening of the (1958) Conclave. (Source: 30 Days "Paul VI" by Giulio Andreotti August 2004.) -TCW

"When Roncalli spoke with Andreotti, the Patriarch clearly told him that he knew from the first morning of the Conclave, a few hours before the Cardinal went from the Domus Mariae to the Vatican, that he would be the new Pope. Said Andreotti: 'That evening, Msgr. Capovilla telephoned me that the Patriarch [Roncalli] wanted to see me.'

"The Italian politico [Andreotti] then told of his longtime relations with Roncalli and Roncalli’s friendship with the modernist, Buonaiuti. Then he returned to his conversation with the Patriarch, who wanted to talk about the Conclave. ... Here is Andreotti’s commentary (of his conversation with Roncalli): 'I listened stupefied and embarrassed. I thus knew that Roncalli was sure of being *elected by the Conclave.'"
(Giulio Andreotti, A ogni morte di Papa. I papi che ho conosciuto, Biblioteca-universale Rizzoli, 1982, pp. 65-66)

*implanted -ED

"The Rock has always withstood the test of time. But one will be entered into the House of God. Woe to man when he places him upon the See of Peter for then, the Great Day of the Lord is at hand." -Pope St. Pius X

Freemasonic infiltrator Angelo Roncalli (A.K.A. Antipope John XXIII) usurped the Papacy from Christ's Chosen Vicar Gregory XVII

"I often get on well with an atheist or a communist, better than with certain *fanatic Catholics."
(Statement made by "Cardinal" Angelo Roncalli during his nunciature in Paris)

*"The comparative indifference of mankind, in the present times, about religious concerns, has caused thousands to form very erroneous conclusions relative to facts, which, a few centuries ago, were of vital importance to the civilized world. What was then correctly called a holy zeal, heretics have subsequently termed fanaticism; which circumstance shows their ignorance of the real acceptation of the word, and of the revolution which they endeavored to excite in the empire of language, as they had unfortunately achieved, in by far too large a portion of the moral and religious world. ("Letters On The Spanish Inquisition: A Rare Work, And The Best Which Ever Appeared On The Subject", pp. 59-60, Translated from the French by Fr. T. J. O'Flaherty, S. E. C., 1843)

"...during the time of his nunciature in Paris, to the greatest astonishment of the Police who had been given to him for his protection as a Diplomat, Cardinal Roncalli attended in civilian clothes the Great Lodge [Freemasonic Temple] where he found again the Jesuit Riquet. His adviser was Maurice Bredet, author of “Mystic and Magic,” who boasted that he had prophesied the Tiara to Cardinal Roncalli."
(From: "The Hidden But Victorious Way Of The Free-Masonry", by Monsieur L'Abbe' Mouraux, Bonum Certamen No. 74, Jul/Aug 1984)

A Most Sad Historical Precedence

The hidden events of the 1958 Conclave thus fulfilled the stated goal of the Lodge B'nai - B'rith in 1936:
"Before the Jewish King can reign in the world, the pope in Rome must be dethroned." (See: Fr. Pranaitis's Imprimatured The Talmud Unmasked on this subject. -ED) Regarding the implication that [a certain] Cardinal McIntyre denied that the report of Giuseppe Siri's election was anything more than a "story," it would not be the first time that a cardinal, or the entire college of cardinals, had lied about the results of a papal election.

In 1378, the cardinals who had just elected Bartolomeo Prignano, who took the name Pope Urban VI (1378-89), to the supreme pontificate, became afraid of what might have been the reaction to their choice by the Roman mob which burst into the conclave, and announced instead that they had elected the Roman Cardinal Tibaldeschi. The confusion and bitterness that resulted from that one lie of the fearful cardinals, caused the forty-year long Great Western Schism, which produced a succession of *antipopes and nearly brought the Church to ruin.

*"To adhere to a false Bishop of Rome [a false "pope"] is to be out of communion with the Church." -St. Cyprian

The Hostage Pope (who was totally abandoned by His Cardinals) attempts to get His message out

Pope Gregory XVII
Pope Gregory XVII (always under watch) gave a clear reference to what happened at the 1958 Conclave
when He wrote in 1972 how the "superpowers" [Judeo-Masonry] "could" overturn a LAWFUL Conclave

"The segregation of the conclave is yet more necessary; with modern means, with modern technology, without an absolute segregation it would not be possible to save an election from the pressure of external powers. Today the superpowers (and the lesser ones alike) have too great an interest in having on their side, through condescendence or weakness, the highest moral authority in the world. And they would do all that they are so very good at doing. The pressures to overturn the substance of the law of the conclave could be driven by the will to obtain precisely this result." (Excerpt from, The Election of the Roman Pontiff (L'Elezione del Romano Pontefice) By: Joseph Cardinal Siri (A.K.A. Pope Gregory XVII), originally published in RENOVATIO VII (1972), inst. 2, pp. 155-156, From “Il Dovere Dell’Ortodossia”)

Pope Siri
Censored Interview
(Q & A from "Cardinal Siri" 30 Days Magazine January 17, 1985 A.D.)

Q. What have been the difficult times in your life -?

A. Siri: "I do not believe some things should be discussed publicly. I have lived a very long life, and I have known men... and traitors. But I have never revealed the names of the traitors. I do not perform the work of the executioner. I know, however, how much it costs to speak the truth. They have not succeeded in making me ill, but they have succeeded in making me sad and depressed. But Jeremiah had enough lamentations; there's no need for me to add to them."

Note: Pope Gregory XVII asked the interviewer Stefano M. Paci to switch off his tape recorder from time to time because of the delicate and sensitive nature of the subject matter. The three hour interview took place on January 17, 1985, but was censored and then published [merely a small segment of it] by the Novus Ordo Sect 30 Days Magazine only after His death (more than four years later) on May 2, 1989. -TCW

"Very serious things have taken place."

le marquis de la franquerie
The Marquis de La Franquerie d. 1992
(Noted expert regarding infiltration of the Vatican by Judeo-Masonry
In 1939 Monsieur de La Franquerie became the secret Chamberlain of His Holiness, Pope Pius XII. In 1958 he founded "L' Association of the Friends of Marie-Julie Jahenny", in honor of the highly regarded French prophetess. In May 1985, the Marquis was able to arrange a critically important meeting with "Cardinal Siri" and two other Frenchmen: with its aim to hopefully ask the prelate to confirm or deny the long standing rumors that he had been elected Pope at a previous conclave.

On May 18th, 1985 upon hearing the persistent rumors of Cardinal Siri being elected pope from good sources: the well-known French Journalist Luis-Hubert Remy (through the critical go-between of his friend Monsieur de la Franquerie) - and François Dallaism -in order to, as Monsieur Remy wrote: "relieve our consciences", obtained a meeting with Cardinal Siri at the *episcopal palace in Genoa. After a very enjoyable conversation amongst the four of them, the question was presented to the elder prelate- if he was elected pope:

"When we asked him whether he had been elected pope, his reaction was completely different. He started by remaining silent for a long time, then raised his eyes to heaven with a rictus of suffering and pain, joined his hands and said, weighing each word with gravity:
'I am bound by the secret.' Then, after a long silence, heavy for us all, he said again: 'I am bound by the secret. This secret is horrible. I would have books to write about the different conclaves. Very serious things have taken place. But I can say nothing.'"
(Excerpt from, "The Pope: Could He Be Cardinal Siri?" by Louis Remy, Bulletin SOUS LA BANNIERE)

*Note: it is an important observation that the episcopal palace in Genoa, Italy had elaborate video surveillance cameras surrounding its perimeter- seemingly years before this type of technology was in common usage by the public sector [i.e banks, government institutions, etc.]. The well-known French Catholic mystic Marie-Julie Jahenny (who related many aspects of the hostage pope's hidden papacy) had it revealed to her just how the Enemy would achieve its stealthy incarceration (sede impediti) of Christ's Vicar. "Arms recently invented will be taken up; day and night they will encamp around his prison." (March 13, 1878)

In 1986 a group of concerned Catholics, which included Dr. Elizabeth Gerstner, who also had heard the persistent rumors throughout Europe that possibly Cardinal Siri had been elected pope at a previous conclave and (if true) fearing he could be under a heinous threat/black mail- prepared a dossier with specific information that they attempted to get to Cardinal Siri in 1986 in order to help him if he were indeed under duress. This virtuous act of great charity, which included as using (as understood) a secret envoy to present the material, never received a confirmation that it reached the suffering Pontiff.

Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824 A.D.) Augustinian Nun, Stigmatist "Last night I was taken to Rome (in vision) where the Holy Father, plunged in affliction, is still concealed in order to elude dangerous exigencies. He is very feeble, quite worn out by distress, anxiety, and prayer. His chief reason for lying concealed is because he can now trust so few . . . More than once I have had to point out to him in prayer traitors and evil-minded men among the Pope's high, confidential officers, that I might give him notice of them ... The Pope is so feeble that he can no longer walk alone." (Prophetic Vision of Anne Catherine Emmerich)

"Infiltrators? Yes... ”

(From the Novus Ordo Sect Run 30 Days Magazine)

It was February 1988. Two 30 Days reporters were on their way to the North Italian port city of Genoa to interview the Cardinal Archbishop Giuseppe Siri. It was the year of the Popes - the 30th anniversary of the death of Pius XII and the election of John XXIII and the tenth anniversary of the election of John Paul II. There was no better witness to the Pontificates of these three successors of Peter than Siri, who had been a papabile himself in the three conclaves. “Siri was asked a question he did not expect, about the truth of periodic allegations that Masonry had infiltrated the Church. The elderly Cardinal did not answer and, suggesting that he did not want to make any public declaration on the issue, he pointed to the tape recorder that was switched on. Then he made a gesture with his other hand that was very eloquent. What he meant was: ‘Of course, there was infiltration.’ The tape recorder was turned off and Siri added: ‘This is a very serious matter, and I have first-hand sources. I have written my record of this and other events in the life of the Church, which will be published in 50 years’ time. But for now, I would prefer not to say anything more.’

Pope Gregory XVII
Pope Gregory XVII c. late 1980s

But the Cardinal did confide in his great, personal friend, Raimondo Spiazzi, a Dominican theologian in the Pius XII mould who was the dean of the Angelicum’s Social Sciences faculty. Spiazzi reports part of the conversation in the biography he recently dedicated to his late friend: ‘Siri said we had to pray for future Conclaves, for grace so that those who would participate would be truly free of any type of conditioning or influence, not only in ethnical or political terms but also social. We had to pray that “there would be no manipulation by any *sect.” He was referring to Masonry on the basis of direct information he had received from affiliates and of his knowledge of the ruses Masonry deployed to ensnare Vatican exponents and their offices. He did not hesitate to name names and he spoke of the danger even for the Conclave. Perhaps this was why he proposed abolishing the secrecy aspect so that events could take place in the light of day. (30 Days Magazine, "Infiltrators? Yes... ”, November 1991, p. 55)

(Important Note: this article was published after Pope Gregory XVII's death on May 2, 1989 A.D. -TCW

*View a confirmed list of Pope Gregory XVII's satanic persecutors (V-2 Sect Freemasons c. mid 1970s) here. -TCW)

"... never will a storm have been so strong against any other Pontiff."

French Prophetess and Stigmatist Marie Julie Jahenny

"Never, never will a storm have been so strong against any other Pontiff. He is already a martyr before undergoing martyrdom. He is suffering before the hour has come. But he offers his own person and the blood of his veins for all his torturers and for those who are making terrible attempts upon his life. How many exiles to be suffered!" (Revelation of Maria Julia Jahenny, d. 1941 A.D.)

With Ecclesiastical Approval

"... the impious sect [Freemasonry] boasts as one of its principal works the religious persecution which ... is inspired and
promoted by masonry, in an immediate or mediate, direct or indirect manner, by flattery or *threats, seduction or revolution."
(His Holiness, Pope Leo XIII, Custodi Di Quella Fede [On Freemasonry in Italy], Dec 8, 1892)

Pope Gregory XVII affirmed the real *threats thrust upon him at the 1958 Conclave

In the various clandestine meetings in the late 1980s with trusted clergyman, the Hostage Pope, Gregory XVII affirmed the *unlawful, real threats that were thrust upon him at the Conclave on October 26, 1958.

Imperative to Understand (re-read if necessary)

Yet Christ's perfect Church has a "built in safeguard" [Law] in place, to protect Her against these type of illegal aggressors - which providently even provides remedy against the possible human frailness of one of Her threatened Lawful Office Holders: Thus, in the state of grave fear that was unjustly inflicted upon Pope Gregory XVII (which lasted his entire pontificacy), he could NOT (by law) resign His Office as Pope - even if he desired to - as Canon Law decrees:

Code of Canon Law

*"Resignation is INVALID by law if it was made out of grave fear unjustly inflicted, fraud, substantial error, or simony."
(1917 Code of Canon Law, Canon 185)

The Historic Mission of 1988 A.D.

"Now I remember the words spoken by Our Lord to Thomas: 'Blessed those who do not see it but believe it', applied in our time. Blessed to you because you accept the historical fact that the White smoke from the chapel Sistine at 5:00 p.m on October 26, 1958, announced the "Habemus Papam" who was Cardinal Giuseppe Siri elected Pope Gregory XVII but the power of Darkness stopped him to run his papacy for 30 years, 6 months and 6 days in the public, except 10 months and 16 days he actually ran the papacy from the secrecy. Why 10 months and 16 days? This was the days counting from day I met him on June 14, 1988 to the day he passed away on May 2, 1989. Gradually, the people of the world realize that Pope Gregory XVII (Siri) and his successors are true popes of the Roman Catholic Church and John XXII [sic] (Roncalli) and his successors are Anti-pope of the Roman Catholic Church. ... From the day I met Pope Gregory XVII, I loved him. Therefore, I wish even we are handful of his follower, we love him, pray for him, and pray for the Roman Catholic Church." -The Reverend Father Peter Khoat Van Tran (hand-typed statement, May 20th, 2006 A.D.)

Fr. Khoat 

Historic Journey in 1988 On Italian 

Streets pilgrimage
Fr. Khoat's pilgrimage to find "Cardinal Siri" took three months of hard work, prayer and penance:
during which God revealed to him many insights and crowned his labor with success

(L/R) Fr. Khoat traveling (via train in Italy) to hopefully find Cardinal Siri April 30th, 1988; Ever with a cheerful countenance, Fr. Khoat pictured on the streets of Italy during his quest [note -while on his trip, Father asked many of the Italians that he met about Cardinal Siri -numerous people said they had heard that Cardinal Siri had been elected Pope]; Fr. Khoat flying within Italian airspace during his strategic mission to find Cardinal Siri - May 13th 1988.

Fr. Khoat's 1988 Trip Genoa-Rome Receipts Dated Receipts
Metro train ticket receipt from Fr. Khoat's mission to meet "Cardinal Siri" (April, 1988)
Note: To view a high resolution picture which includes many more documents and receipts, etc.,
(some with Fr. Khoat's name on them) from his holy quest in 1988, please click here.

TCW learned that for one extended period of his journey, Fr. Khoat rented an apartment in Genoa, Italy close to an area where he knew that "Cardinal Siri" was at times reported to be seen - although always with a group of individuals [guarded].

St. Anthony (The Wonder Worker) was Invoked

Basilica di Sant’Antonio Padua Italia Fr. Khoat's Document 06/13/88 with Ravasco address Holy card with image of corpus of St. Anthony preserved in the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua
(L/R) Basilica di Sant’Antonio where Fr. Khoat privately offered the Latin Mass asking St. Anthony for a miracle;
the actual paper used by Fr. Khoat on June 13th, 1988 A.D., with the address of the Instituto Ravasco; St. Anthony

On June 13, 1988, the feast day of St. Anthony of Padua, Fr. Khoat offered the Tridentine Mass in the Basilica of St. Anthony (in Padua, Italy) with the Mass intention of asking St. Anthony for a miracle- to help him find, and speak with Cardinal Siri. After Mass the same morning, at breakfast, a priest from Genoa told Fr. Khoat that: "Cardinal Siri left Genoa this morning, if you want to see him, go to the Istituto Ravasco Convent at Via Pio VIII, 28. 00165 in Rome."

Istituto Ravasco Convent at Via Pio VIII, 28. 00165 in Rome
Istituto Ravasco Convent (Rome, Italy)

Fr. Khoat promptly travelled from Venice to Genoa via railway on June 13th, to this convent [the Istituto Ravasco] in Rome to verify that Cardinal Siri would say Mass there the next morning. To further his chance/hope of seeing and speaking with the rumored [for years] Hidden Pope, Fr. Khoat took a taxi to the convent one hour before the Mass began. He proceeded to walk around the Istituto Ravasco Convent grounds while reciting the Holy Rosary. Fr. Khoat entered to the chapel just as Cardinal Siri began Mass.

Afterward, he asked a supposed attendant of Cardinal Siri, if he could have a moment alone with the Cardinal, but was promptly refused. Fr. Khoat persisted, stating that he merely wanted to get an autograph from the Cardinal on a book that he had with him. The "attendant" (as another person in the room said let him [Fr. Khoat] have five minutes) very reluctantly permitted Fr. Khoat to approach Cardinal Siri and added: but for a brief time only.

Fr. Khoat now behind closed doors, briskly asked "Cardinal Siri" in French if he was the Pope, and he, not knowing who Fr. Khoat was, denied it. Fr. Khoat then, as he related to the Editor of TCW in January of 2006, said: "At that point it was not from me, I was not even thinking these words at all; I say to him: "if you had done the consecration of Russia, as Our Lady requested, then my Bishop would not have been killed, and my country would not have fallen to the Communists." He looked at me with tear in his eye and say: "you know". Fr. Khoat added: "I don't know where this came from, it was not my words, it was Holy Ghost."

(There is more to this exchange, some of which is noted below, which Fr. Khoat related (on video tape) during a sermon on 05/20/06 in Corpus Christi, TX. -ED)

Through the intercession of St. Anthony of Padua (within scarcely 24 hours), Fr. Khoat was able to locate, and have an audience with the Hostage Pope, Gregory XVII- on June 14th, 1988. The following picture (taken moments after Fr. Khoat privately met with, and honored His Holiness, Pope Gregory XVII) records this Historical event (see time stamp in lower right corner 88-6-14):

Pope Gregory XVII and Fr. Khoat 06/14/88 - Rome
(L/R) Picture of Fr. Khoat Tran, His Holiness Pope Gregory XVII, and one of the Hostage Pope's wicked captors, Msgr. Grone
(June 14th, 1988 A.D., Istituto Ravasco Convent- Roma, Italia)

Thirty Years of Pain!

Then Fr. Khoat said, “Come with me right now. I have two tickets to go to America where there are people who will help you.”

Pope Gregory XVII replied, “That would be impossible. I cannot go. They can kill me at anytime.”

(Excerpt from the first conversation between Fr. Khoat and the Hostage Pope, Gregory XVII, in a tense brief private meeting at the Istituto Ravasco Convent in Rome on June 14th, 1988 A.D. Pope Gregory XVII instructed Fr. Khoat to come back later that night at a specified time, where they could possibly speak undetected.)

Fr. Khoat had several audiences with Pope Gregory XVII, after this initial one. As he emerged from the meeting with Pope Gregory XVII (where His Holiness confided to Fr. Khoat that his captors could kill him at anytime) Fr. Khoat handed his camera to a person who was standing in the room, and asked him to take some quick pictures. Again, this was right in the heart of enemy territory (i.e. notice the picture of Antipope John Paul II in the upper right corner). This Monsignor Grone- who posed to the world as one of the Cardinal's household (in fact his official Secretary) - was just the opposite. Fr. Khoat related later that he (Msgr. Grone) was an enemy of de fide, whose duty it was to control Pope Gregory XVII. Grone adamantly tried to stop the picture from being taken. Note the look on his (Grone's) face, and the gestures he is making with his hands! It is fitting that Our Pope presented himself with dignity: he holds his hands to his cassock and stands firm. Also, look at his eyes, closely. In Fr. Khoat's own words:

"From the day I met Pope Gregory XVII, on June 14th 1988, I saw in his eye- and I never forget- the eye of suffering, the eye of sorrow, the eye of humility, the eye of love. His eye always follow me. Daytime, nighttime, whenever I wake up... I know he suffered too much. He suffered so much..."

Pope Gregory XVII instructed Father Khoat to return later to the convent saying, "Come back here at eight o'clock tonight my secretary will be gone then."

Fr. Khoat - April 1989 The Hostage Pope - Gregory XVII Archbishop Arrigo Pintonello
(L/R) Providential priest Fr. Peter Khoat Van Tran, April 4, 1989 in the US; The Hostage Pope (Gregory XVII) shortly before His Holiness' unexpected death; His Excellency, Archbishop Arrigo Pintonello (who was called in by Fr. Khoat Van Tran's group in 1988 to help Pope Gregory XVII operate the underground Vatican, and most generously responded): Fr. Khoat and a select group of clerics were working closely with the hidden Pope-Gregory XVII (who was constantly monitored and under duress, during his forced exile in Genoa, Italy). His Holiness "expired" on May 2nd, 1989, yet formulated and implemented a strategy to "save" the True Petrine Hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church.

(cont.) Fr. Khoat obeyed, and brought a trusted contact, Monsignor Carlo Taramasso, with him from nearby Santa Marinella and eventually two more trusted witnesses were summoned: which included the well-known Italian prelate, His Excellency, Archbishop Arrigo Pintonello. Pope Gregory XVII (an expert in doctrine), then acted by formulating a detailed Continuance of Papacy Plan from 1988 to 1989, which included creating Cardinals (and designating a *Camerlengo) who could convene a lawful conclave.

*"On the death of the Pontiff the Cardinal Camerlengo, as representative of the Sacred College, assumes the charge of the papal household, notifying to all the Cardinals of the Church the death of the late Pope and the impending election. Every Cardinal has the right to vote in the Conclave, but he must be present in person to do so." -F. A. FORBES, The Life of Pius X, p. 62, 1918 Imprimatur

Fr. Peter Khoat Van Tran, the important priest that "rescued" His Holiness, Pope Gregory XVII in June of 1988., - on May 20th 2006 A.D., in Corpus Christi, TX, on the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Pope Gregory XVII, publically confirmed (on video tape) before a group of True Catholics: that Pope Gregory XVII did appoint Cardinals before his Holiness' mysterious death on May 2nd, 1989 A.D. Fr. Khoat clarified that there are today true Cardinals that were appointed by Pope Gregory XVII still living [the underground Church].

"...the gates of Hell shall not prevail"

Catholic Radio Podcast Online
TCW Radio
Click to listen to recent news *interviews on the the Hostage Pope, Gregory XVII

*The Editor of TCW was interviewed live on Canada's largest talk-radio station CFRB on (05/16/07) about The Hostage Pope, Gregory XVII. Included:
the 1958 Conclave and election of Pope Gregory XVII; the Masonic takeover of the structures (buildings) of the Catholic Church by the Vatican II sect;
a heroic priest's meeting with the Hostage Pope in 1988; information of an Italian Cardinal made by Pope Gregory XVII in 1988; question "is there a
Pope (in exile) now?" Note: The interview includes live call-ins from CFRB listeners. (48:41 min.)

Historical Record

The well-known prelate, Cardinal Ottaviani, who read the actual text of the Third Secret of Fatima which was given by the Blessed Virgin Mary to the Children of Fatima: said that it (The Third Secret) tells "that the Great Apostasy will begin at the top".

PLEASE NOTE: nowhere was this phrase [the Great Apostasy will begin at the top] stated or alluded to AT ALL in the "Official Revealing to the World of the Third Secret of Fatima", handled by the Judeo-Masonic-V2-sect criminal usurpers (whose committee's head was the beast "Cardinal" Ratzinger) on May 13, 2000. -ED

Our Lady of Fatima: Queen of the Holy Rosary
"You see Hell, where the souls of poor sinners go... If [people] do not stop offending God, He is going to punish the world
for its crimes by means of war, of hunger, and of persecution of the Church and of the Holy Father."
-Our Lady of Fatima 1917 A.D.

"If then situations should occur, that took from certain men the visibility of the “roccia” (rock)...the consequences would be grave."

"In The Gospel of Matthew (16,18) the “roccia” (rock), is not only a person, but also an “istituzione” (institution). ...The Church provides security because it is the “roccia” (rock), not thick, and not sand. It deals with a significance that goes beyond the material sense of the metaphor: in fact the rocks of the earth crumble in time, due to the effects of the elements. This “roccia” (rock) will never crumble, nor flake, given that its solidity is guaranteed in the text of Matthew until the end of time. The “rock” remains and no one will scratch it, implicated as she is in a divine undertaking. But on occasion some men may take from others the vision of the rock. Other things may be made to seem like the rock, other things that may appear to all as such. The distinction is a profound one, even if the errors of these men are capable of veiling the reality (truth), they cannot destroy it. The question, easy for all, that presents itself is one of the visibility of the rock. If then situations should occur, that took from certain men the visibility of the “roccia” (rock) in the Church, the consequences would be grave." Extract from: La Roccia (The Rock) By: Cardinal Siri (A.K.A. Pope Gregory XVII) from “Il Dovere Dell’Ortodossia”, Page 6 in Il Dovere Dell" Ortodossia and originally published in RENOVATIO II (1967), fasc. 2, pp. 183-184

"Siri's" Prison

"Following the 1978 Conclave, Cardinal Siri was escorted back to his familiar exile in Genoa where he resumed his long, agonizing captivity. Siri's episcopal quarters had become an impenetrable prison where his every move was controlled by his captors who posed to the outside world as trusted members of the Cardinal's household. The hidden pope-elect, languishing in a helpless and lonely confinement, would live to witness the savage demolition of his Church for over a quarter of a century. Only toward the end of Siri's lengthy ordeal would the facts begin to be uncovered concerning the illegal intervention from outside the conclave which had been directed against the pope-elect in 1978 as it had been done to him before in the earlier and more significant 1963 papal election." (and the only one that truly mattered, October 1958 -TCW) (Extracted from, Pope Gregory XVII Pope in Exile 1958-1989, published by Sangre De Cristo Newsnotes 08/15/90)

Photos of the original map used by Fr. Khoat from his mission to Genoa, Italy in the Spring of 1988 to hopefully find "Cardinal Siri"
The markings on the map were drawn by Fr. Khoat himself while on his 1988 journey. Note: the black arrows in the photos are a computer graphic and not on the map itself- they point to a dotted circle made in green marker, which indicates the general location of the Diocesan See of Genoa. And specifically point to a small, hand-drawn black square located within the green circle, that lies in between two streets: the Via D' Albaro & Via Orsini. This square marks the location of the episcopal palace, where "Siri" (A.K.A. Pope Gregory XVII) was held captive by freemasonic agents for decades.

Two (Approbated) Visions of Jacinta Marto of a Future Pope

"...I saw the Holy Father in a very big house..."

Jacinta Marto: Vision
Jacinta Marto
Shortly after the three children received Our Lady of Fatima's Secret in July 1917 A.D., Jacinta Marto had two visions which she recounted to Lucia, who recorded them in her memoirs with the remark that they comprise "part of the [third] secret." Both visions concern a (future) Pope:

"I don't know how it happened, but I saw the Holy Father in a very big house, kneeling by a table, with his head buried in his hands, and he was weeping, Outside the house, there were many people. Some of them were throwing stones, others were cursing him and using bad language. Poor Holy Father, we must pray very much for him."

The Victim Soul (Anne-Catherine Emmerich) Prophetically Spoke of the True Pope in Exile

Anne-Catherine Emmerick Spoke about the Persecution of the True Pope in Exile

"I see the Holy Father in great distress. *He lives in another palace and receives only a few in his presence. If the wicked party know their own great strength, they would even now have made an attack. I fear the Holy Father will suffer many tribulations before his death, for I see the black counterfeit church gaining ground, I see its fatal influence on the public. The distress of the Holy Father and of the Church is really so great that one ought to pray to God day and night. I have been told to pray much for the Church and the Pope...The people must pray earnestly for the extirpation (Rooting out, destruction) of the dark church." (Prophetic Vision of Anne Catherine Emmerich d. 1824 A.D., Augustinian Nun, Stigmatist - from the book, The Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich, by Very Rev. Carl E. Schmoger, C.SS.R, Vol. ii, pages [Ibid, pages 292-293])

*"He lives in another palace..."

Gregory XVII was held hostage here: Genova, Italia
Photo of Fr. Khoat inside the episcopal palace in Genoa, Italy [May 2, 1988] where Pope Gregory XVII was forced into exile as a captive:
The Hostage Pope -Gregory XVII who was under constant duress his entire pontificacy, had his every move monitored by the Church's enemies.
Fr. Peter Khoat Van Tran was able to have this picture quickly taken of himself, before he was told to leave the premises. This important priest
(Fr. Khoat) had his first glimpse ever of the suffering Pontiff- inside the episcopal palace on this date May 2, 1988 [see time stamp on photo].
Fr. Khoat was merely able to see the leg of his red cape as he, ("Cardinal Siri"), was briskly whisked up a stairway and into a room with
the door shut immediately behind him [Gregory XVII] by a group of men who were surrounded about the person of the Holy Father.

"One day, through the Rosary and the Scapular, I will save the world." (The Blessed Virgin Mary to St. Dominic)

St. Alphonus Liguori, Doctor of the Church
St. Alphonsus Liguori: "The devil has always attempted, by means of the heretics, to deprive the world of the Mass, making them precursors of the Anti-Christ, who, before anything else, will try to abolish and will actually abolish the Holy Sacrament of the altar, as a punishment for the sins of men, according to the prediction of Daniel: ‘And strength was given him against the continual sacrifice' (Dan. 8:12)."

The Holy Face of Jesus

Act of Reparation for Blasphemy

May the most holy, most sacred most adorable, most mysterious and unutterable Name of God, be praised, blessed, loved, adored and glorified in heaven,
and on earth by the Sacred Heart our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, in the most Holy Sacrament of the altar, and by all God's creatures. Amen.
(Imprimatur: L.C. Epus Salford; 18 February, 1917.)

"It is faith and hope... which must guide us here. In the first place by giving us the courage to tackle these problems, by assuring us in advance that there are solutions within the order willed by our Lord for His Church. Though He allows His Church to be tested, He does not allow us to doubt His promises nor the help which He always gives her, and which He is ready to give to these timorous Catholics who today do not dare to take action." -Fr. Noel Barbara, The Restoration Of The Episcopate And The Papacy

Pray Unceasingly for the Liberty [Freedom] and Exultation of Holy Mother Church!

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